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The Datex-Ohmeda 3900 Pulse Oximeter has an easy-to-use interface and intuitive feature set, as well as advanced TruTrak+ technology, a proprietary clinical motion algorithm, which identifies, quantifies and corrects patient motion. The 3900 also offers a unique data analysis feature through TelrOximetry PC Access Software.


  • TruTrak+ technology - a proprietary clinical motion algorithm which identifies, quantifies and corrects clinical patient motion.
  • Always visible Relative Perfusion Index - a quick numeric value indicating strength
  • Plethysmographic waveform reinforces clinical decisions
  • Backlit, always-on screen illuminates large numbers for fast recognition of readings
  • Dedicated function keys and an always-visible, simple menu system
  • Continuously displayed alarm limits for decisions at-a-glance
  • Exceeds international durability standards through rigorous stress testing during design and manufacturing processes
  • Full compatability with all patient types and clinical situations using OxyTip+ sensors and cables
  • Saveable settings like SpO2 and PR limits, as well as alarm volume settings
  • 24-hours of trend memory
  • Patient lock-out feature to ensure validity of sleep studies
  • Custom patient labels

TeleOximetry PC Access Software

TeleOximetry software allows the 3900 SpO2 trend data to be downloaded and previewed on a PC. The data is summarized and printed in the easy-to-read InstaReport.

Physical Specifications

  • Height: 10.4 cm / 4.1 in
  • Width: 24.4 cm / 9.5 in
  • Depth: 22.5 cm / 8.9 in
  • Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lbs

Operational Specifications

  • Alarm Limits
    - Low SpO2: OFF or 50 to 100% (preset 85%)
    - High SpO2: 50 to 100% or OFF (preset to OFF)
    - Low Pulse: OFF or 30 to 235 BPM (preset to 40 BPM)
    - User-saveable defaults
  • Alarm Silence:
    - 2 minute silence (automatic, 2 minutes on start up), all mute capability
  • Signal Validation:
    - Relative Perfusion Index pulsatile value PerfTrak waveform display
  • Memory:
    - 24 hour data storage for SpO2 pulse rate, alarm conditions, date and time, Pl labels (1 data point every 6 seconds)
  • SpO2 Calculation:
    - 30 values per second/60 Hz
    - 25 values per second/50 Hz
  • Display:
    - Digital: LED
    - Waveform: Backlit LCD
  • SpO2 Averaging Modes:
    - Selectable 3, 6 or 12 seconds (short, medium, long) Preset is 12 seconds (long)
  • Diagnostics
    - Automatic self test on start up, continuous memory tests during operation
  • Outputs:
    - Serial (SpO2, pulse rate, alarms, error messages, PI, labels, date and time) Analog: SpO2 and pulse rate
  • Clock:
    - 24 hour clock

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