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Integrated Rental maintains a large professional fleet of on demand SERVO-i  respiratory ventilators. We are here to support your facilities asset management and seasonal demand. Our units are consistently maintained and upgraded to meet the most demanding environments. 

The typical ICU needs to be prepared for many combinations of patients and clinical situations. The SERVO-i platform can be customized to meet the needs of neonatal, pediatrics, adults or all patient categories.

Common Configurations:

  • SERVO-i Infant
  • SERVO-i Adult  
  • SERVO-i Universal - SERVO-i Infant
  • SERVO-i Universal - SERVO-i Adult 

Please specify any specific options or software requirements at the time of request and we will review our fleet for solutions that match.

All SERVO-i's are designed to be backwards compatible so users can easily update their fleet. The SERVO-i is available with a Heliox option which is a simple HW adapter upgrade and a SW upgrade.

SERVO-i supports both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Ease of training, operation and maintenance as well as flexibility and modularity ensures a quick transition from alternative models. The economic benefits in operating this modular platform are considerable due to it's flexibility of use.

The SERVO-i with Heliox has an automatic gas detection system and gases can be switched in running mode - there is no need to go to stand-by or to disconnect the patient. The Heliox option automatically compensates for volume is capable of low bias flow gas consumption which can be up to 70% less than competing models.

In addition to Heliox the SERVO-i also offers optional Nasal CPAP, Proximal Y-sensor monitoring, NAVA (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist), Edi monitoring, ETCO2 Monioring and it can conditionally be used in the MR suite.


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