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The Integra AV-S MRI-Compatible Anesthesia System is perfect for larger surgery suites that may be using more than one type of anesthetic agent or benefit from ultra low flow anesthesia output.‚

The Integra AV-S provides‚a high level of features in an easy to use package designed to meet the most demanding of anesthesia requirements.‚ The AVS‚holds two vaporizers and due to its wider stance, has a larger work area.‚‚The AVS offers a completely integrated Ventilator and Absorber package that is second to none.‚ View information below on the included Penlon AVS Ventilator and A200SP Aborber.


  • Advanced easy to use features for maximum patient safety.
  • Specifically designed for low flow.
  • Comprehensive specification
  • Low ownership costs over ten year life cycle provides a new smarter alternative to a refurbished machine.
  • Committed customer service.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Minimum ten year parts and service guarantee.
  • Ventilator with three modes:‚ Volume, Pressure, Pressure Support.
  • Large color touchscreen anesthesia ventilator with Com-wheel.


  • High levels of workstation integration.
  • Modular construction.
  • GCX channel mounting.
  • 50-75 ml/min minimum oxygen flow.
  • 27-33% minimum Oxygen / Nitrous Oxide flow.
  • Dual oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air flowmeters.
  • Twin Oxygen, single nitrous oxide and single air cylinder yokes as standard.
  • Open architecture for monitors and accessories.
  • Two station selectatec vaporizer back bar.
  • Flowmeter and work surface lighting.
  • Four integrated electrical outlets.
  • Auxilary oxygen flowmeter.
  • Low cost of ownership - two preventive maintenance services per year.


  • H x W x D - 137 x 66 x 66 cm/ 54 x 26 x 26 in
  • Weight - 75kg / 200 lbs
  • Top Shelf - 61 x 40 cm / 24 x 16 in
  • Work Surface - 61 x 37 cm / 24 x 14.5 in
  • Drawers - 15 x 38 x 43 cm / 6 x 15 x 17 in (max: 3)
  • Writing Tablet - A4 size
  • Power required VAC - 110/220
  • Auxilary Electric Outlets - (4)13 Amp

Integrated AV-S Ventilator

The intuitive user interface and comprehensive support modes provide optimum therapy for all patient profiles.

  • Combines sophistication and ease of use.
  • Large color touchscreen and com-wheel control.
  • Volume, pressure, pressure support ventilation.
  • Single/dual waveform display.
  • Electronic PEEP and spirometry.
  • Spontaneous monitoring mode.
  • High quality, multi-option product.
  • Built in oxygen, volume, and airway pressure monitoring.
  • Fresh gas flow compensation in volume mode.

Optional Sigma Delta Vaporizer

The award winning Sigma Delta has evolved from a distinguished line of vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability into the world market leader.

  • Efficient Selectatec Interlock system.
  • Superb performance, particularly at low flows.
  • Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane options.
  • Key Filler, Quik Fil, or Pour Fil
  • Low Body Weight.

Integrated‚A200SP Absorber

The new A200SP Absorber provides advanced levels of integration function with the Integra SP2 and AV-S Ventilator.

  • Bag / Vent control interface provides automatic AV-S ventilation mode switching.
  • Integrated Spirometry airway flow sensors.
  • Quick-release canister for loose or 3lb pre-packaged absorbent.
  • Integrated Oxygen Monitor sensor.
  • Heated for patient comfort and moisture control.
  • Ergonomic breathing bag arm.
  • Autoclavable.

Additional Accessories

Expand the capabilities of the Integra SP2 through the use of a wide range of accessories:

  • IDP Alarm
  • Suction Controller
  • Selectatec parking station.
  • Electrical outlets, flowmeter lighting, and sharps bin mounts.
  • Flexible, easy to use GCX mounting.
  • Much more, ask our sales representatives.

All of the Integra SP Series are MRI-Compatible Anesthesia Machines.‚ This series‚is sold exclusively in the United States by DRE.

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